Saturday, May 9, 2009

My lovelies....

Here's one more sock. Big surprise! I had to actually unknit it all the way back and re-do the heel because I had made it too big for the intended recipient. =) I need to work on my sizing for smaller feet.

Still working on this one, I pick it up occasionally while watching Heroes on my laptop. I love the colors in this one so much, I think I'll have to keep it for myself.

My fabulous new birthday present project bag from The Jello Flinger. It's GINORMOUS!! I can fit darn near all my WIP's in it. And it's Alexander Henry which I LOVE!!!!

This is the needle case she also made me out of one of my antique flour sacks from the 1930's. It looks like a reprint it's in such good condition.

Here's the inside with all the sundries in it. I can't wait to travel with it and show it off. Thank you again for my lovely gifts!! (I also updated my Ravelry stash with all my new yarn.)

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