Monday, April 20, 2009


My first toe-up! Using the Turkish cast-on. Which was chosen after spending way too much time on the internet, but do I feel is the EASIEST one out there. Maybe Sabbath or Liberty can explain the "provisional cast-on using waste yarn" to me. Why??? Sounds tedious and unecessary... This pattern is Los Monos Locos which are the "no-purl" Monkey's. I have a pair already from Sabbath and LOVE THEM! I am knitting these in Dream In Color Smooshy Punky Fuschia that was a gift from my friend Jen. Which, at the time she gave me the yarn, I was barely knitting dishcloths. =) So I had to get my game on pretty quickly so I could deserve this beautiful colorway! I cast these on (alright I actually knit the toe 3 times obsessing over perfection on Saturday and plan to be down to the heel after knitting night tonight. It knits up super fast! It's got an 8 row lace pattern repeat that is knit only on one of your circulars, easy enough to keep track of even with kids jabbering at you!

Here's an updated picture on my Sock of Kindness. I stopped when I got down to where I need to start the heel. Which is why I cast on for another sock project. =)

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